About and F.A.Q.

About & FAQ.

What is The Theatre?

The Theatre is a site that provides a comfy place for people to come and relax with quality entertainment on our streams. Drinks and snacks are recommended during our shows!

How long has The Theatre been running?

We have been running since eary 2010 for showcasing video game playthroughs, E3 events and the occasional Kung Pow stream. Up until October 2013 we used the free hosting web service Webs.com to keep the site up, but we have since upgraded to our own domain name for ease-of-access and to reflect the nature of the site.

Who runs the site?

The site is currently run independently by myself, Micnax.

When did the daily movie nights start?

We started the daily movie nights (formally named 'New Leaf Nights') back in May 2013 to accomodate players from /vg/ waiting for the release of Animal Crossing: New Leaf. The film voting system was introduced shortly after and the tradition stuck even after the release of the game.

I have a suggestion for a film!

Sweet! On our film voting page there is usually a field for enterting a film you want added to the stream list. These suggestions are collected and looked over each week and new films are added or placed in a queue to be downloaded. If it's not up there yet, keep suggesting it!

What events do you show on the Events Stream?

The events stream is primarily used for showing the E3 Entertainment Expo that happens each year in July (along with the traditional drinking game sheets that are provided), but is also used for minor events such as special Nintendo Direct presentations and other big video game announcements. Additionally, when the film stream is on the off-chance taken down, viewers are directed to the event stream as a back-up for the show to continue.

Can I donate to The Theatre?

Sure! Check out the Donate page for more information.

Stream Guidelines

Global Rules

  • Do not post content advertising other services or streams unless otherwise indicated by a moderator/admin.
  • No lewd postings about Kurenai.
  • Try to be nice to everyone, this is a comfy site.

Movie Streams

  • Don't spoil parts of the movie that is playing. Doing so will result in a warning, followed by a ban from the chatroom if repeated.
  • Try and stay on-topic. While I do allow off-topic talking, don't let it overrule discussion of the film that is playing.
  • Speaking of THAT movie will result in a temporary ban.

Event Streams

  • During big events, the chatroom may become very fast with the mass amount of users in attendence. In these situations, moderating is extremely difficult, so we ask that you stay civil and try not to spam all the time. It's understandable to be excited, but try to hold back!
  • During the E3 Entertainment Expo, drinking game rules are in effect during the Sony, Nintendo and Microsoft conferences. When you are required to drink, a large DRINK sign will fill the screen, so look at your drinking game card provided and drink the amount specified.
  • Micnax is not responsible for any drink-related incidents that may occur following participation in the E3 Drinking Game. The drinker holds all liability for his/her actions while watching the stream and/or playing the E3 Drinking Game.

Credits and Thanks

CalTheatre for being a secondary streamer

ZeroMomentai for the console-tan picture on the E3 stream page

/acg/ (Animal Crossing General) for inspiring daily movie nights

All donators (listed on the donation page)

Every watcher and supporter over the years