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Comfy-tan Progress: Environment

Comfy-tan herself hasn’t been completely revealed yet, but I wanted to show a quick sneak-peek at her bedroom and her workplace, The Theatre! I wanted to visualise what the stream would look like in physical form if it were an actual theatre/cinema, and drew inspiration from a number of real locations. My drawings are a […]

Upcoming features page

Today I’ve added the ‘Upcoming features’ page, which highlights my current to-do list for the site. Check it out by clicking here.

Introducing ComfyBlog!

ComfyBlog is a new place to get news updates and information about the ComfyTheatre site. The posts on here will be the same as the ones on the Steam page, although explained in more detail with pictures (if any). Stream announcements (like film voting opening or a film starting) will not be posted here. Enjoy!