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2018 Site Upgrade – All the details

After quite some time and work, We’ve finally been able to upgrade the site with a proper rehaul!


Film Voting

The biggest change is the new film voting system. It’s been moved off from Google Forms and onto the site itself with everything managed by databases on the back-end.


Each film is laid out with the title, description, and poster for you to easily see your options. If you want to check information like the cast, year it released etc., just click the More Info button to go to that film’s IMDB page.


You’ll notice there’s also a search box at the top too, which searches through the titles of the whole list and shows just those results. Normally the results will show in alphabetical order (with new films immediately at the top), so searching is super-easy to find what you really want to see.


You can also use special search terms to view only view newly added films (NEW), multi-night films (MULTI), and any that are currently banned (BANNED).


Down all the way at the bottom is the Film Suggestion form, where you can submit film suggestions that aren’t on the list. I check this often, so suggest as many as you want!


When film voting is open, you can see the current voted films right at the top! If you haven’t voted yet, you can choose one of the current voted films to help it win. Check out that sweet doughnut graph at the side too!


Stream Pages

Every stream page now supports both HLS playback and MPEG-DASH playback! Both formats are HTML5, so each will work in a variety of browsers and mobile devices.

You can find a new settings panel in the navbar on each stream page. Here you can change the video format, toggle the chat box (visible by default), or turn the stream full-screen (disabled by default). Unlike before, you won’t have to leave the page for these!


Try out fullscreen mode with the chat hidden, it’s like you’re in a real comfy theatre.


E3 2018

Huh? What’s this? I guess you’ll have to wait and see…