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Comfy-tan Progress: Environment

Comfy-tan herself hasn’t been completely revealed yet, but I wanted to show a quick sneak-peek at her bedroom and her workplace, The Theatre! I wanted to visualise what the stream would look like in physical form if it were an actual theatre/cinema, and drew inspiration from a number of real locations. My drawings are a little amateur, but it gets the basic idea across. The neon sign in the top right will likely go through a few changes before I settle on a final design. The interior will also be modelled.

While Comfy-tan works at the movie theatre, she spends her personal time at home off to the side of the venue, since she’s the owner after all! The main focus of her home is her bedroom where most of her time is spent. I’ll be including plenty of easter eggs and references to past stream history and events into her room, so I’m looking forward to modelling them in there!