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Film Voting Changes – October 2019

The following changes are now in effect for Film Voting:

• Multi-night films are now banned for the standard duration, multiplied by the number of films it lasts for. This is capped at the 5x multiplier. Using 60 days as the standard, this works out to:

► 2-film multi-night = 120 day ban
► 3-film multi-night = 180 day ban
► 4-film multi-night = 240 day ban
► 5-film multi-night = 300 day ban

• Films that came in second-place on voting the night before start off on the next voting day with 1 vote carried across.

The following changes will be implemented in the near future:

• ‘Choose Random Film’ and ‘Choose Random Voted Film’ at the top of the movie voting list. These options will allow you to choose a completely random film to vote towards, or choose a random film from films that already have a vote towards them. Have fun with feeling lucky!

• Ability to change your vote if you are logged in. This will go through a trial phase.