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Introducing Comfy-tan!

After many suggestions from Steam group users earlier on in the year, I’ve been working on the basic ideal design and look for our new mascot for the stream, Comfy-tan. Inspiration was taken from the following characters:

  • Body shape and size: Mako Reizei (Girls und Panzer)
  • Face shape and style: Yui Hirasawa (K-On!)
  • Hair: Akiyama Yukari (Girls und Panzer) with a ponytail
  • Eyes: Tooka Takanashi (Chuunibyou demo Koi ga Shitai)
  • Hairclip: Animal Crossing

With these in mind, I commissioned an artist to draw the visual appearance of her as a character sheet. The person I chose was Zero, who I befriended during E3 2016. You can see the progress pictures below:

What a proper character sheet now, I’ve planned to make multiple openings/endings and visual elements using Comfy-tan in them. Instead of having a person draw each separate thing needed, I decided that a 3D model would be the best approach as I have experience in 3D animation in Autodesk Maya. After seeing some previous impressive work, I commissioned Poribo to make an awesome 3D model:

I hope you’ll look forward to more cute renders and content with the best waifu on the internet! If you’re attending ComfyMeet at AX in 2017, you’ll be able to win exclusive Comfy-tan merch, including a plushie and a lewd dakimakura.

– Micnax