Badges Owned

ComfyStreamer Awarded 6th January, 2020

"A certified comfy lad"

Bags of Gold Awarded 6th January, 2020

"Rewarded for those kind enough to donate to Mic's ponz- I mean, server costs"

The First Of Many Awarded 6th January, 2020

"Tested the new badge system out, and then whined enough to get one for free."

ComfyAwards Participant Awarded 15th February, 2020

"Participated in the ComfyAwards 2020 as part of ComfyTheatre's 10th birthday"

Turning Over A New Leaf Awarded 20th March, 2020

"Times come and go, but comfy is forever"

Panzeranhänger Awarded 27th January, 2020

"Participated in an operation supporting the art of Panzerfahren"

x10 Voter Awarded 6th January, 2020

"Voted for 10 unique films on the film voting list"