ComfyTheatre Moment #37

Badges Owned

The King Of Comfy Awarded 15th February, 2010

"The comfiest guy around, here and forever!"

Vocaloid Vocalist Awarded 11th January, 2020

"Attended ComfyMeet at Miku Expo 2020"

Become As Gods Awarded 4th February, 2020

"Attended ComfyMeet at NieR:Orchestra Concert re: 12018 in 2020"

Panzeranhänger Awarded 27th January, 2020

"Participated in an operation supporting the art of Panzerfahren"

x10 Voter Awarded 6th January, 2020

"Voted for 10 unique films on the film voting list"

ComfyAwards Participant Awarded 15th February, 2020

"Participated in the ComfyAwards 2020 as part of ComfyTheatre's 10th birthday"

Turning Over A New Leaf Awarded 20th March, 2020

"Times come and go, but comfy is forever"

Kyon-kun, denwa Awarded 18th December, 2020

"Participated in Disappearance Night by surviving Endless 8"

x100 Excellent Voter Awarded 6th January, 2020

"Voted for 100 unique films on the film voting list"

Latest Posts


Welcome to the New Year! ComfyTheatre will be turning 10 years old in February, and we have a few surprises lines up for the big celebration… in the meantime, here are some site updates for you. 5 NEW FILMS EVERY MONTH My new year’s resolution is a great one, we’ll be adding 5 new films […]

Film Voting Changes – October 2019

The following changes are now in effect for Film Voting: • Multi-night films are now banned for the standard duration, multiplied by the number of films it lasts for. This is capped at the 5x multiplier. Using 60 days as the standard, this works out to: ► 2-film multi-night = 120 day ban ► 3-film […]

Site Updates – September 2019

The site has been updated with the following features: • Updates to the server now allow for streams to be distributed at different quality levels. The stream will now adapt to your internet conditions and give the smoothest playback possible. • With the above change, streams will now be broadcast at higher bitrates that won’t […]

2018 Site Upgrade – All the details

After quite some time and work, We’ve finally been able to upgrade the site with a proper rehaul!   Film Voting The biggest change is the new film voting system. It’s been moved off from Google Forms and onto the site itself with everything managed by databases on the back-end.   Each film is laid […]

Introducing Comfy-tan!

After many suggestions from Steam group users earlier on in the year, I’ve been working on the basic ideal design and look for our new mascot for the stream, Comfy-tan. Inspiration was taken from the following characters: Body shape and size: Mako Reizei (Girls und Panzer) Face shape and style: Yui Hirasawa (K-On!) Hair: Akiyama […]